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Laptop Battery User Guide:

How to use the laptop battery properly

Calibrate your laptop battery to optimize its performance

Inside the laptop battery is microprocessor software, which calculates the battery volume during the charging/
discharging. Batteries must be calibrated from time to time to ensure correctness of the time and the percentage
displayed on the screen. You must implement a complete cycle of charging and discharging the battery at the
beginning of using the computer, and repeat this cycle every two or three months. The charging and discharging
procedure is as follows:
  1). Set the Power Supply option first: Right click on the screen and select Property ->
Screen Saver -> Power Supply -> Power Use Scheme -> Portable. In all the subsequent operations
such as When Computer and Use Battery, select Never. Under the Alert option, deselect Alert
for deficient battery and Alert for serious battery shortage.
  2). Disconnect the power adapter and use the battery until the computer is powered off due
to exhaustion of the battery.
  3). Connect the power adapter until the battery is charged to 100%. Before initial use of
the computer (or resuming use of the computer after long-term storage), the battery must be

charged to full and discharged for 3-4 times to optimize the performance. The charging process takes more than
five hours.You must discharge the battery to let the computer power off, and then charge the battery to 100% to
calibrate it. Then you can connect or disconnect the power supply anytime regardless of the status of the battery
volume. Moreover, you can perform a deep charging and discharging cycle under control of the protection circuit
in a time segment to calibrate the electricity statistics of the battery. However, this does not increase the actual
capacity of the battery.Tips: When the battery becomes "empty", the computer enters the hibernation mode forcibly.
The battery reserves a certain electricity volume to ensure that the computer can hibernate for a time segment.
When the battery is really exhausted, the computer is powered off forcibly. At this time, any open documents will
be lost.

Storage of laptop battery
If the battery is stored for a long time in the closed-circuit mode, the battery is damaged. If the battery needs to
remain idle in a month or a longer time, remove the battery out of the computer, charge it to 60%-80% and store
it in a dry, cool and clean place. If the battery remains idle for a long time, the electricity of the battery is ultimately
lost and the battery may be damaged. Therefore, after the battery is stored for a time period, it is necessary to
perform an effective charging and discharging cycle for the battery. By performing a complete effective charging
and discharging cycle for the battery every month, you can ensure a proper storage status and a reasonable service
life of the battery.