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2000mAh Power bank,35000mAh power bank

BNDPower over 20000mAh power bank
BNDPower 12000mAh power bank, 15000mAh power bank
BNDPower over 10000mAh power bank
BNDPower 5200mAh,7800mAh power bank
BNDPower 2200mAh,5200mAh power bank
BNDPower Polymer power bank,slim power bank
BNDPower super slim power bank
Terms and Conditions:

1).Select Power Bank cells: BNDPower provide OEM&ODM services for your own brand Power Bank based on your order quantity is over 500pcs
each time,and you can select the battery cells what you like,but different brand battery cell makes different battery price.

2).Your brand Power Bank packaging designed by us: BNDPower also provide packing design service for your own brand. If your order quantity is over 500pcs each
time, we provide the packing design free service for your brand Power Bank , and you only need pay for the packing printing fee.