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TOSHIBA Laptop Ac Adapter 120W-AC03   Laptop  AC Adapter

Model No: 120W-AC03
Spec: DC 19V-6.3A(5.5*2.5 )
Replacement For:
PA-1121-02 liteon PA-1131-08 Acer 91.49V28.002 LC.T3001.001; Compaq 308745-001 309241-001
310925-001 316688-001 317188-001 316687-002
344895-001 346958-001 350221-001 Hewlett Packard DR912A#ABA
Acer TravelMate 240 250 2000 2100
2200 2500 2600 2700 AND 3000 250PE series
Travelmate C110 TM252PE Acer TravelMate 290 TM291LCI
TM291LMI TM301XCI Aspire 1710 Ferrari 3000
Ferrari 3000LMI Aspire AS2003LMi TM240 TM250 series
ACER ASPIRE 1360 1500 1520 1600
1610 1620 1660 1670
1680 ARM ArmNote D470W Compaq Presario 3000 R3000
3050 ZD7000 HP Pavlion zd7012EA DN730AV
DP353E DP763E DM793AR DM793A
DP448UR DP448U DR089UR DR089U
DR768E DR340U DP764E DM788AR
DM788A DP769E DT859U DP765E
DM790AR DM790A DP768E DR761E
DR762E DR770E DP761E DP762E
DP767E DP770E DM791AR DM791A
DP766E DP447U DP446U DR769E
3005US 3008CL 3015CA 3015US
3017CL 3019CL 3020US DC924AR
DC924A DC925AR DC925A DG956AR
DG956A DG959AR DG959A DG958AR
DG958A Compaq Presario 3080US zd7010US zd7058CL
zd7001US zd7005US zd7010CA zd7015US
zd7020us ZD7030US zd7101us HP BUSINESS NOTEBOOK NX9110
NX9500 PAVILLION ZD5000 ZV5000 ZX5000
ZD7000 HYPER DATA 4700 D470W PRO STAR 4014
4074 4094 4794 D400E
D400S D410S D470W SAGER NP4020
NP4060 NP4760 Toshiba Satellite A60 SERIES A60-S156
A60-S1561 A60-S166 A60-S1661 A60-S1662
A65 SERIES A65-S1062 A65-S1063 A65-S1064
A65-S1065 A65-S126 A65-S1261 A65-S136
A65-S1361 A65-S1662 A65-S1762 A70
A75 A70-S256 A70-S2561 A70-S2362
A75-S206 A75-S2061 A75-S226 A75-S2261
A75-S276 A75-S2761 A75-S2762 P25-S670
P25-S676 P30 AND P35

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