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SAMSUNG Laptop Ac Adapter 65W-SA01   Laptop  AC Adapter

Model No: 65W-SA01
Spec: SAM 19V-3.15A(5.5*3.0)
Replacement For:
AD-6019 SPA-830E
Samsung Sens 630 Samsung Sens 820 Samsung Sens Pro 680 Samsung Sens Pro 850
Samsung VM-6000 Samsung MetroBook MetroBook LT Samsung MetroBook VL Samsung MPC TransPort GX
Samsung MPC TransPort GX+ Samsung MPC TransPort GX2 Samsung MPC TransPort GX3 Samsung MPC TransPort LT
Samsung MPC TransPort VX Samsung MPC TransPort XT Samsung MPC TransPort XT2 Samsung MPC TransPort ZX
Samsung Aquila X05 Samsung Aquila X10 Samsung Corona P30 Samsung T8000
Samsung 8100 Samsung GT8600 Samsung GT8600XT Samsung GT8650
Samsung GT8650XT Samsung GT8700 Samsung GT8700XT Samsung GT8750
Samsung GT8750XT Samsung GT8750XV Samsung GT8800 Samsung GT8800XT
Samsung GT8800XV Samsung GT8850 Samsung GT8850XT Samsung GT8850XTD
Samsung GT8900 Samsung GT8900DXV Samsung GT8900XTR Samsung GT9000
Samsung GT9000 PRO Samsung GT6330 Samsung GT6330XT Samsung GT6360
Samsung GT6360XT Samsung GT6400 Samsung GT6400XV Samsung GT7000
Samsung GT7700 Samsung GT8910 Samsung GT8910KXV Samsung P30
Samsung SN6000 Samsung VM8100XTD Samsung VM8095 Samsung V8095CX
Samsung VM7600 Samsung VM7600CT Samsung VM7700 Samsung VM7700XTD
Samsung VM8110CXTD Samsung VM8110XTC Samsung VM6000 Samsung VM6300
Samsung VM6300CT Samsung VM7000 Samsung VM7550 Samsung VM7550CT
Samsung VM7650 Samsung VM7650CT Samsung VM7650CXTD Samsung VM8000
Samsung VM8080 Samsung VM8080CXT Samsung VM8090 Samsung VM8090CT
Samsung VM8090CXTD Samsung VM8100 Samsung VM8100CX Samsung VM8100CXTD
Samsung X05 Samsung X10 Samsung X15 Samsung GS6000
Samsung GT6000 Samsung VM6000 Samsung GT7000 Samsung VM7000
Samsung GT8000 Samsung VM8000

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