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NEC Laptop Ac Adapter 60W-TS02   Laptop  AC Adapter

Brand: NEC
Model No: 60W-TS02
Spec: DC 15V-4A(6.3*3.0 )
Replacement For:
09U PA2411 PA2411U PA2426U
PA2438 PA2438U PA2440 PA2440U
PA2444 PA2444U PA2444UE PA2450
PA2450U PA2450UE PA2484 PA2484U
PA2500 PA2500U PA3048 PA3048E
PA3048U PA3048U-1ACA PA3049 PA3049U
PA3049U-1ACA PA3080 PA3080E PA3080E-1ACA
PA3080U PA3080U-1ACA PA3084 PA3084U
PA3084U-1ACA PA3092U-1ACA PA3153 PA3153E PA3153E-1ACA
PA3153E-1ACAB PA3153U PA3153U-1ACA PA3201
PA3201U PA3201U-1ACA PA3241 PA3241E
PA3241E-1ACA PA3241E-1ACAB PA3241E-2ACA PA3241U
PA3241U-1ACA PA3241U-2ACA PA3260E PA3260E-1ACA
PA3260U PA3260U-1ACA PA3282 PA3282E
PA3282E-1ACA PA3282E-2ACA PA3282U PA3282U-1ACA
PA3282U-2ACA PA5251U PA5251UA PA3378U-1ACA
PA3378U PA3378E-1ACA PA3378E PA3283U
PA3283U-1ACA PA3283U-2ACA PA3283U-3ACA PA3283U-4ACA
PA3283U-5ACA PA3083U PA3083U-1ACA PA3201U
PA3201-1ACA PA3215U PA3215U-1ACA G71C0002S310
G71C0002S110 ADP-60RHA
PA24 Satellite 1400 Series 1400 1400-103
1400-153E 1400-253S 1400-303 1400-503
1400-553S 1400-604 1400-D07 1400-S151
1400-S152 1405 1405-S151 1405-S152
1405-S171 1405-S172 1410 1410-303
1410-304 1410-401 1410-604 1410-704
1410-801 1410-814 1410-S102 1410-S103
1410-S173 1410-S174 1410-S203 1410-SP173
1415 1415-S105 1415-S106 1415-S115
1415-S173 1415-S174 1415-SP173 Satellite 1800 Series
1800 1800-100 1800-200 1800-204
1800-254S 1800-303 1800-314 1800-354S
1800-364 1800-364E 1800-400 1800-412
1800-452E 1800-4K1 1800-504 1800-514
1800-554S 1800-614 1800-654S 1800-700
1800-712 1800-750 1800-752S 1800-804
1800-814 1800-911 1800-921 1800-A110
1800-A310 1800-A311 1800-A330 1800-A410
1800-A420 1800-A430 1800-A431 1800-HV9
1800-HVP 1800-S100 1800-S200 1800-S203
1800-S204 1800-S206 1800-S207 1800-S233
1800-S253 1800-S254 1800-S256 1800-S274
1800-S314 1800-S400 1800-S700 1805
1805-S154 1805-S177 1805-S203 1805-S204
1805-S207 1805-S208 1805-S253 1805-S254
1805-S255 1805-S273 1805-S274 1805-S278
1830-S207 1830-S274 1800-654SVF1 1870
Satellite 2400 Series (these models only) 2400 2400-A620 2400-S201
2400-S202 2400-S-251 2400-S-252 2400-UJX
2405 2405-S201 2405-S202 2405-S221
Satellite 2500 Series 2500CDS 2500CDT 2505CDS
2505CDT 2510CDS 2515 2515CDS
2520CDS 2520CDT 2530CDS 2535
2535CDS 2540CDS 2540CDT 2540XCDT
2545CDS 2545XCDT 2550 2550CDS
2550CDT 2590 2590CDS 2590CDT
2590XDVD 2595CDS 2595CDT 2595XDVD
Satellite 5000 Series 5000 5000-104 5000-X1Z
5000-X59 5000-Z59 5005 5005-S503
5005-S504 5005-S507 5005-S508 All 5100 Series: 5100 5100-046
5100-201 5100-501 5100-503 5100-603
5100-A740 5100-A741 5100-A801 5100-A902
5105 5105-S501 5105-S-501 5105-S502
5105-S607 5105-S608 5105-S701 5105-S702
5105-S901 5110 Satellite 5100 Series (these models only) 5100
5100-046 5100-201 5100-501 5100-503
5100-603 5100-A740 5100-A741 5100-A801
5100-A902 5105 5105-S501 5105-S-501
5105-S502 5105-S607 5105-S608 5105-S701
5105-S702 5105-S901 Satellite 5200 Series 5200
5200-00E 5200-701 5200-702 5200-703
5200-711 5200-801 5200-802 5200-803
5200-901 5200-902 5200-903 5200-P0E
5200-S701 5205 5205-S119 5205-S503
5205-S504 5205-S505 5205-S506 5205-S5151
5205-S703 5205-S704 5205-S705 5205-SP119
5205-SP505 Satellite A10 Series A10-S127 A10-S128
A10-S129 A10-S1291 A10-S167 A10-S169
A10-S1691 A10-S177 A10-S178 A10
A10 Small Business Series A10-5WM A10-A430 A10-A431
A10-C8M A10-HVM A10-REH A10-S100
A10-S1001 A10-S103 A10-S113 A10-S127
A10-S128 A10-S129 A10-S1291 A10-S129-WiFi
A10-S167 A10-S168 A10-S169 A10-S177
A10-S178 A10-S203 A10-S213 A10-S310
A10-S403D A10-S440 A10-S503 A10-S513
A10-S703 A10-SP127 A10-SP177 Satellite A15 Series
A15-S127 A15-S128 A15-S129 A15-S1291
A15-S1292 A15-S157 A15-S158 A15-S1692
A15-S127 A15-S1271 A15-S128 A15-S129
A15-S1291 A15-S1292 A15-S157 A15-S158
A15-S159 A15-SP127 A15-SP177 Satellite A50 Series
Satellite A55 Series:A55-S106 A55-S1063 A55-S306 A55-S3061
A55-S3062 A55-S1064 Satellite M20 Series M20-S257
M20-S258 M20-S610 M25 Satellite M30 Series
M30 M30-001 M30-00K M30/00R00F
M30-103 M30-104 M30-106 M30-107
M30-154 M30-204 M30-241 M30-261
M30-304 M30-344 M30-345 M30-354
M30-404 M30-604 M30-632 M30-642
M30-704 M30-710 M30-730 M30-731
M30-742 M30-760 M30-801 M30-832
M30-841 M30-842 M30-852 M30-853
M30-861 M30-901 M30-941 M30-7301
M30-7301B M30/D00F M30/K00F M30/R00F
M30-PM725B M30-PM725G M30-Q31 M30-S309
M30-S350 M30-S350 SB M30-S725B M30-S725G
M30-S730 M30-S731 M30-S734B M30-S734G
M30-S735B M30-S735G M30-S760 M30-S760B
M30-S3091 M30-S3501 M30-S7301 M30-S7301B
M30-S7302B M30-S7302G M30 Small Business Series M30-SP350
M30 Special Edition M30-UU9 M30-YSJ M30
M30-304 M30-344 M30-345 M30-Q31
M30-S309 M30-S3091 Satellite M35 Series M35-S309
M35-S320 M35-S359 M35-S456 M35-S3091
M35-S3201 M35-S3591 M35-S3592 M35-S4561
M35-SP350 M35-SP3501 M35 M35-S309
M35-S3091 M35-S359 M35-S3591 M35-S3592
Satellite M40 Series (these models only) M40 M40 (DDR2) M40-JM3
M40-JM8 M40-P535 M40-P545 M40-P5351
M40-S417TD M40-S4111TD M40-S4172TD M40-S5181TD
M40-SF3 M40-YP3 M40/037009 M40/038009
M40/03K009 Satellite M45 Series (these models only) M45 M45-S265
M45-S269 M45-S331 M45-S351 M45-S355
M45-S359 M45-S2651 M45-S2652 M45-S2691
M45-S2692 M45-S3311 M45-S3511 M45-S3551
M45-S3552 M45-S3553 M45-S3591 M45-SP351
M45-SP355 M45-S165X M45-S139X M45-S139
Satellite M50 Series M50 M50-101 M50-105
M50-106 M50-109 M50-115 M50-122
M50-126 M50-130 M50-137 M50-138
M50-141 M50-142 M50-143 M50-156
M50-157 M50-159 M50-161 M50-180
M50-181 M50-182 M50-MX2 M50-MX5
M50-P330 M50-P340 M50-P345 M50-P3451
M50-S418TD M50-S4182TD M50-S5181TD M50-YK5
Satellite M55 Series (these models only) M55-S135 M55-S325 M55-S329
M55-S1351 M55-S1352 M55-S2252 M55-S2253
M55-S3251 M55-S3262 M55-S3291 M55-SP325
M55-SP3252 M55-S139X M55-S141 M55-S1001
Satellite M110 Series: M110-ST1161 Satellite M115 Series M115-S1061 M115-S1064 M115-S1071
M115-S1074 M115-S3094 M115-S3104 M115-S3144
M115-S3154 Satellite R10 Series R10 R10-S613 R10-S802TD
R10-S804TD R10-S820 Satellite R15 Series R15 R15-S822
R15-S8222 R15-S829 Satellite R20 Series R20-ST2081 R20-ST4113
Satellite R25 Series R25-S3503 R25-S3513 Satellite U200 Series:U200-ST2091 Satellite U205 Series U205-S5002
U205-S5022 U205-S5034 U205-S5044 Satellite Pro 6000 Series 6000
6050 6070 Satellite Pro 6100 Series 6100 Satellite Pro M10 Series M10
M10-S405 M10-S406 M10-SP405 Satellite Pro M15 Series M15
M15-S405 M15-S406 Portege 2000 Series 2000 2010
Portege 3500 Series 3500 3505 Portege 4000 Series 4000 4005
4010 Portege M100 Series M100 Portege M200 Series (these models only) M200
M205-S209 M205-S809 M205-S810 M200 0086E
M200 02QH1 M200-19T114 M200-19T294 M200-101
M200-102 M200-106 M200-122 M200-152
M200-170 M200-171 M200-172 M200-173
M200 MA M200-S218TD M200-S838 Portege M300 Series M300
Portege M400 Series M400 M405 M400-100 M400-120
M400-40 M400-60 M400-80 M400-S933
M405-100 Portege R200 Series R200-S2031 R200-S2032 R2-S2062
R200-S214 R200-S234 Portege R205 Series R205-S2062 R205-S209
Portege S100 Series S100-S113 S100-S1132 S100-S213 S105-S1133
Tecra 9000 9100 Series Tecra A1 Series A1 Tecra A2 Series A2
A2-S119 A2-S139 A2-S20ST A2-S219
A2-S239 A2-S316 A2-S336 A2-S4372ST
Tecra A3 Series A3-S711 A3-S731 Tecra A4 Series A4 A4-S111TD
A4-S211 A4-S216 A4-S231 A4-S236
A4-S312TD A4-S313 Tecra A5 Series A5 A5-S116
A5-S118 A5-S136 A5-S237 A5-S239
A5-S2391 A5-S2392 A5-S2393 A5-S416
A5-S516 A5-S6215TD Tecra A8 Series A8-EZ8411 A8-EZ8412
A8-EZ8413 A8-S8314 A8-S8414 A8-S8415
A8-ST3612 Tecra M Series M1 M2
M2V M2-S319 M2-S339 M2-S410
M2-S430 M2-S519 M2-S530 M2-S539
M2-S630 M2-S730 M2-S7302ST M2V
M2VHOST M2V-S310 M2V-S330 M2V-S3302ST
M3 M4 M5 M5-60
M5-80 M5-S433 M6 M7
Tecra S Series S1 S2 S2-100 S2-40
S2-60 S2-80 S3 Tecra TE Series TE2000
TE2100 TE2200 TE2300 Portege Series: Portege 2000
Portege 2010 Portege 300CT Portege 320CT Portege 3500
Tablet PC Portege 3505 Tablet PC Portege 4000 Portege 4005 Portege 610CT
Portege 620CT Portege 650CT Portege 660CDT Portege 7000CT
Portege 7010CT Portege 7015CT Portege 7020CT Portege 7140CT
Portege 7200CT Portege 7200CTE Portege 7220CTE Portege M100
Satellite Pro Satellite Pro 4260DVD Satellite Pro 4260XDVD Satellite Pro 4270ZDVD
Satellite Pro 4280XDVD Satellite Pro 4280ZDVD Satellite Pro 440CDT Satellite Pro 440CDX
Satellite Pro 445CDT Satellite Pro 445CDX Satellite Pro 460CDT Satellite Pro 460CDX
Satellite Pro 465CDX Satellite Pro 470CDT Satellite Pro 480CDT Satellite Pro 490CDT
Satellite Pro 490XCDT Satellite Satellite 1555CDS Satellite 1800-S203
Satellite 1800-S206 Satellite 1800-S207 Satellite 1800-S253 Satellite 1800-S256
Satellite 1805-S177 Satellite 1805-S203 Satellite 1805-S207 Satellite 1805-S208
Satellite 1805-S253 Satellite 1805-S255 Satellite 1805-S273 Satellite 1805-S278
Satellite 2060CDS Satellite 2065CDS Satellite 2100CDS Satellite 2100CDT
Satellite 2105CDS Satellite 2140XCDS Satellite 2180CDT Satellite 220CDS
Satellite 2210CDT Satellite 2210XCDS Satellite 2250CDT Satellite 2250XCDS
Satellite 225CDS Satellite 2500CDS Satellite 2505CDS Satellite 2505CDT
Satellite 2510CDS Satellite 2515CDS Satellite 2520CDS Satellite 2530CDS
Satellite 2535CDS Satellite 2540CDS Satellite 2545CDS Satellite 2545XCDT
Satellite 2590CDS Satellite 2590CDT Satellite 2590XDVD Satellite 2595CDS
Satellite 2595CDT Satellite 2595XDVD Satellite 2610DVD Satellite 2615DVD
Satellite 2655XDVD Satellite 2675DVD Satellite 2695DVD Satellite 2715XDVD
Satellite 305CDS Satellite 310CDS Satellite 310CDT Satellite 315CDS
Satellite 315CDT Satellite 320CDS Satellite 320CDT Satellite 325CDS
Satellite 330CDS Satellite 330CDT Satellite 335CDS Satellite 335CDT
Satellite 4000CDS Satellite 4000CDT Satellite 4005CDS Satellite 4005CDT
Satellite 4010CDS Satellite 4010CDT Satellite 4015CDS Satellite 4015CDT
Satellite 4020CDT Satellite 4025CDT Satellite 4030CDT Satellite 4060CDT
Satellite 4060XCDT Satellite 4080XCDT Satellite 4085XCDT Satellite 4090XCDT
Satellite 4090XDVD Satellite 4100XDVD Tecra 520CDT Tecra 530CDT
Tecra 550CDT Tecra 700CS Tecra 700CT Tecra 710CDT
Tecra 720CDT Tecra 730CDT Tecra 730XCDT Tecra 740CDT
Tecra 8000 Tecra 8100 T 3400
T 3400CT T 3600CT T 4500 Acer/Texas Instruments Extensa 366
367 NEC Versa LX SX

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