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IBM Laptop Ac Adapter 72W-IB06   Laptop  AC Adapter

Brand: IBM
Model No: 72W-IB06
Spec: IB 20V-3.25A(7.7*5.5)
Replacement For:
92P1211 92P1212 92P1155 92P1159
92P1160 92P1153 92P1154 40Y7696
40Y7697 40Y7698 40Y7700 40Y7701
40Y7702 40Y7704 40Y7705 40Y7706
40Y7707 40Y7699 40Y7700 40Y7703
40Y7704 40Y7708 40Y7709 40Y7710
40Y7711 40Y7702
ThinkPad T60 Type 1951 ThinkPad R60 ThinkPad T60 ThinkPad Z60
IBM / Lenovo 3000 ThinkPad X60 1706-xxx IBM ThinkPad X60 1707-xxx IBM ThinkPad X60 1708-xxx
IBM ThinkPad X60 1709-xxx IBM ThinkPad X60 2509-xxx IBM ThinkPad X60 2510-xxx IBM ThinkPad X60s 1702-xxx
IBM ThinkPad X60s 1703-xxx IBM ThinkPad X60s 1704-xxx IBM ThinkPad X60s 1705-xxx IBM ThinkPad X60s 2507-xxx
IBM ThinkPad X60s 2508-xxx IBM ThinkPad X60s 2533-xxx

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