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IBM Laptop Ac Adapter 65W-IB02   Laptop  AC Adapter

Brand: IBM
Model No: 65W-IB02
Spec: IB 16V-3.5A(5.5*2.5)
Replacement For:
02K6543 02K6555 02K6545 02K6548
02K6549 02K6550 02K6553 02K655
02K6729 26P8408 93P4262 10L2249
26P8080 12P3000 08K8039 46L4689
02K6630 46L5006
Thinkpad 240 Thinkpad 310 Thinkpad 360 Thinkpad 380
Thinkpad 385XD Thinkpad 390 Thinkpad 390E Thinkpad 385XD
Thinkpad 770 ThinkPad B600 ThinkPad 600E ThinkPad 600X
ThinkPad 500 ThinkPad 560 ThinkPad 570 ThinkPad A20
ThinkPad A20M ThinkPad A21 ThinkPad A22 ThinkPad A22M
ThinkPad A30 ThinkPad A31 ThinkPad A31P ThinkPad R30
ThinkPad R31 ThinkPad R32 ThinkPad R33 ThinkPad T20
ThinkPad T21 ThinkPad T22 ThinkPad T23 ThinkPad T24
ThinkPad T30 ThinkPad T40 ThinkPad T41 ThinkPad X20
ThinkPad X21 ThinkPad X22 ThinkPad X23 ThinkPad X30
ThinkPad X31 ThinkPad X40 ThinkPad i1200 ThinkPad i1300
ThinkPad i1400 ThinkPad i1500 ThinkPad i1700

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