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HP/COMPAQ Laptop Ac Adapter 90W-CP03   Laptop  AC Adapter

Model No: 90W-CP03
Spec: CPQ 18.5V-4.5A(4.8*1.7)
Replacement For:
308745-001 309241-001 310925-001 324816-001
324816-002 324816-003 325112-001 325112-021
310744-002 287515-001 286755-001 283884-001
239705-001 PPP012L 239428-001 239428-00
F4600A F4813A F5104A ACCOM-C16
Compaq Presario 2100 series: 2175EA 2100AP 2100CA 2100CA
2100LA 2100US 2100US 2100US
INT 2101AP 2101US 2101US
2102AP 2102EA 2102US 2102US
2103AP 2103EA 2104AP 2105AP
2105CA 2105CA 2105EA 2105LA
2105US 2105US 2106AP 2106EA
2106US 2106US 2107AP 2107EA
2108EA 2109EA 2110AP 2110CA
2110CA 2110EA 2110LA 2110US
2110US 2111AP 2111EA 2112AP
2112EA 2113AP 2114AP 2114EA
2115AP 2115EA 2116AP 2117AP
2120LA 2120US 2122AD 2123AD
2123AP 2124AD 2124AP 2125AC
2125AD 2125AP 2125EA 2126AC
2126AD 2126EA 2127AC 2127AD
2127EA 2127EA 2128AC 2128AD
2128EA 2129AD 2129EA 2130AC
2130AD 2130AP 2130EA 2128AC
2128AD 2128EA 2129AD 2129EA
2130AC 2130AD 2130AP 2130EA
2131AC 2131AD 2131EA 2132AC
2132RS 2132RS 2133AC 2133AD
2133AP 2133EA 2134AD 2134EA
2135AC 2135AD 2135AP 2135CA
2135EA 2135US 2136AC 2136AD
2136EA 2136RSH 2136RSH 2137AC
2137AD 2137EA 2138AC 2138AD
2138EA 2139AC 2139AD 2140AC
2140AD 2140AP 2140CA 2140US
2140US 2141AC 2141AC 2141AD
2141EA 2142EA 2143AD 2143AP
2144AD 2144EA 2145AD 2145AP
2145CA 2145EA 2145US 2145US
2146AD 2146EA 2147AD 2147EA
2148AD 2148EA 2149AD 2149EA
2150AP 2150US 2150US 2151AD
2151EA 2152EA 2153AP 2154AP
2154EA 2155AP 2155EA 2155US
2155US 2156AP 2156EA 2157AP
2158AP 2158EA 2160EA 2160US
2161EA 2162EA 2163EA 2164EA
2165EA 2166EA 2167EA 2169EA
2170US 2172EA 2173EA 2175EA Compaq Presario notebook PC 2575US
DC944AV DA733AV DA734AV DC606A
DC607A DC720A DC721A DC755A
DC609A DC817A DC754A
DC717A DC730A DC718A DK559A
DC732A DC733A DC722A DC715AR
DC715A DC734A
DK558A DK561A DC728A
DK560A HP Compaq Business Notebook PC: DF982A DF983A DF984A DF985A
DF986A DF987A DG211A DG212A
DG213A DG214A DG223T DG224T
DG225T DG672A DG673A DG674A
DG675A DG676A DG677A DG678A
DG679A DG856A DG857A DG862A
DG863A DG864A DG865A DG866A
DG868A DG869A DG870A DG871A
DG872A DG873A DG874A DG875A
DG876A DG877A DG878A DG879A
DG880A DG881A DG882A DG883A
DG884A DG885A DJ131S DJ144S
DJ150S DJ158S DJ160S DJ166S
DJ167S DJ168S DJ170S DJ171S
DJ174S DK452A DK453A DK787A
DL212P DL930A DL932A DL933A
DL934A DL935A DM307P DM308P
DM309P DM310P DM311P DM316P
DM317P DM318P DM325P DM556A
DM643A HP Compaq Business Notebook PC : DF988A DF989A DF990A DF992A
DF993A DF994A DG194A DG195A
DG196A DG200A DG201A DG202A
DG203A DG220T DG221T DG222T
HP Compaq Business Notebook
PC DG072A DG073A DG074A
DG075A DG076A DG077A DG078A
DG231A DG232A DG233A DG234A
DG235A DG236A DG237A DG238A
DG239A DG240T DG241T DG242T
DG243T DG638A DG639A DG640A DG641A
DG642A DG643A DG644A
DG645A DG646A DG647A DG887A
DG890A DG891A DG893A DG895A
DG897A DG900A DG901A DG902A
DG903A DG904A DG905A DG906A
DG907A DG908A DG911A DH902A
DH903A DJ123A DJ123T DJ124A
DJ124T DJ157S DJ162A DJ162T
DJ172S DK444A DK445A DK770A
DK771A DK772A DK940A DL039P
DL141A DL438A DL800A HP Pavilion Notebook XT series: XT276 XT375
XT412 XT4345QV XT5300 XT5366WM
XT537QV XT545 XT5477WM XT595 HP Pavilion Notebook ZE4000 series: ZE1200
ZE4000 ZE4100 ZE4115 ZE4125
ZE4145 ZE4200 ZE4220 ZE4230
ZE4236 ZE4300 ZE4300 ZE4315CA
ZE4315US ZE4325CA ZE4325US ZE4335US
ZE4365US ZE4700 ZE4800 ZE4400
ZE4400 ZE4401 ZE4402 ZE4420
ZE4500 ZE4600 ZE5000
ZE5100 ZE5200 ZE5300 ZE5400
ZE5500 ZE5600 ZE5700

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