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FUJITSU Laptop Ac Adapter 65W-HP02   Laptop  AC Adapter

Model No: 65W-HP02
Spec: DC 19V-3.16A(5.5*2.5 )
Replacement For:
Acer 25.10064.04 Acer 25.10064.041 Acer 91.41Q28.002 Acer 91.41Q28.003 Acer 91.42S28.002
Acer 91.48R28.003 Acer 91.49V28.002 Acer ADP-65DB Acer ADT-W61
Acer AP.T3503.001 Acer CAA0668A Acer HAP.0060.001 Acer LC.ADT01.003
Acer PA-1500-02 Acer PA-1600-02 Compaq 146594-001,LiteOn PA-1480-19T Sharp EA-871V
Sharp EA-905V Sharp EA-M50V
Fujitsu LifeBook A4170 A4177 A4178 A4187
A4190 T-4020 T4020D T4020
Dell Inspiron Series 3000 3200 3500 3500 D233XT
3500 D266GT 3500 D300GT 7000 7000 D266GT
7000 D300LT 7000 series AMS TECHAct P83 AMS Tech Rodeo 3000 series
AMS Tech Rodeo 3000CX AMS Tech Rodeo 3000ECX AMS Tech Rodeo 3015ECX AMS Tech Rodeo 3020ECX
AMS Tech Rodeo 3030ECX AMS Tech Rodeo 3035CX AMS Tech Rodeo 3035CX98 AMS Tech Rodeo 3037CX
AMS Tech Rodeo 3038CX AMS Tech Rodeo 3040ECX AMS Tech Rodeo 3042ECX AMS Tech Rodeo 3052ECX
AMS Tech Rodeo 3062ECX AMS Tech Rodeo 3072ECXA AMS Tech Rodeo 5000ECX AMS Tech Rodeo 5010ECX
AMS Tech Rodeo 5020ECX AMS Tech Rodeo 5030ECX AMS Tech Rodeo 5032ECX AMS Tech Rodeo 5042ECX
AMS Tech Rodeo 5052ECX AMS Tech Travelex 101CT AMS Tech Travelex 105 AMS Tech TravelPro 2500
AMS Tech TravelPro 2500CX AMS Tech TravelPro 2500CX98 AMS Tech TravelPro 2550 AMS Tech TravelPro 2550CT98
AMS Tech TravelPro 2550CX AMS Tech TravelPro 2550CX98 AMS Tech TravelPro 255CT AMS Tech TravelPro 255CX
AMS Tech TravelPro 256CXA AMS Tech TravelPro 2570 AMS Tech TravelPro 257CXA AMS Tech TravelPro 2580
AMS Tech TravelPro 2595CXA AMS Tech TravelPro EX 105CT APT Green 785 Hitachi VisionBook Series: 133
4000 4000 series 4140 4140X
4150 4150X 4350X 4360X. Hitachi Visionbook Plus Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4000 Hitachi VisionBook Plus 4140
Toshiba Satellite Series: 1000 1000-Z2 1005 1005-S157
1100-S101 1200 series 1200-S121 1200-S122
1200-S252 1600 series 1605CDS 1620CDS
1625CDT 1640CDT 1670CDS 1675CDS
1690CDT 1695CDT 1700 series 1715XCDS
1730 1730CDT 1735XCDS 1755
1755CDT 1755CE 1755DVD 3000 series
3000-S304 3000-S353 3000-S514 3005-S303
3005-S304 3005-S403 3005-S504 Compaq Evo: N115
N160 N180 CompaqProsignia: 150 Series Compaq CM2000
CM2010 CM2020 CM2050 CM2060
CM2070 HP OmniBook 2100 HP OmniBook 2103 HP OmniBook 2104
HP OmniBook 2105 HP OmniBook 2106 HP OmniBook 2120 HP OmniBook 2121
HP OmniBook 2122 HP OmniBook 2123 HP OmniBook 2124 HP OmniBook 2125
HP OmniBook 2126 HP OmniBook 2127 HP OmniBook 3000 HP OmniBook 3000CTX
HP OmniBook 3100 HP OmniBook 3101 HP OmniBook 3102 HP OmniBook 3250
HP OmniBook 4100 HP OmniBook 4101 HP OmniBook 4102 HP OmniBook 4103
HP OmniBook 4104 HP OmniBook 4105 HP OmniBook 4106 HP OmniBook 4107
HP OmniBook 4108 HP OmniBook 4110 HP OmniBook 4111 HP OmniBook 4150
HP OmniBook 4150B HP OmniBook 500 HP OmniBook 500B HP OmniBook 6000
HP OmniBook 6000B HP OmniBook 6000C HP OmniBook 6100 HP OmniBook 7000
HP OmniBook 7100 HP OmniBook 7103T HP OmniBook 7150 HP OmniBook 900
HP OmniBook XE HP OmniBook XE 4100 HP OmniBook XE 4500 HP OmniBook XE-DA
HP OmniBook XE2 HP OmniBook XE2-DA HP OmniBook XE2-DB HP OmniBook XE2-DC
HP OmniBook XE2-DD HP OmniBook XE2-DE HP OmniBook XE2-DI HP OmniBook XE3
HP OmniBook XE3L HP Pavilion 6000 HP Pavilion N3000 series HP Pavilion N3100
HP Pavilion N3110 HP Pavilion N3150 HP Pavilion N3190 HP Pavilion N3210
HP Pavilion N3215 HP Pavilion N3250 HP Pavilion N3270 HP Pavilion N3290
HP Pavilion N3295 HP Pavilion N3310 HP Pavilion N3330 HP Pavilion N3350
HP Pavilion N3370 HP Pavilion N3390 HP Pavilion N3400 series HP Pavilion N3402
HP Pavilion N3410 HP Pavilion N3438 HP Pavilion N3478 HP Pavilion N3490
HP Pavilion N5000 series HP Pavilion N5100 HP Pavilion N5125 HP Pavilion N5130
HP Pavilion N5150 HP Pavilion N5170 HP Pavilion N5190 HP Pavilion N5195
HP Pavilion N5200 series HP Pavilion N5210 HP Pavilion N5210M HP Pavilion N5240
HP Pavilion N5250 HP Pavilion N5270 HP Pavilion N5290 HP Pavilion N5295
HP Pavilion N5300 series HP Pavilion N5310 HP Pavilion N5340 HP Pavilion N5350
HP Pavilion N5390 HP Pavilion N5400 series HP Pavilion N5415 HP Pavilion N5420L
HP Pavilion N5421L HP Pavilion N5425 HP Pavilion N5430 HP Pavilion N5435
HP Pavilion N5440 HP Pavilion N5441 HP Pavilion N5445 HP Pavilion N5450
HP Pavilion N5451 HP Pavilion N5455 HP Pavilion N5470 HP Pavilion N5474
HP Pavilion N5475 HP Pavilion N5490 HP Pavilion N5491 HP Pavilion N5495
HP Pavilion N5500 series HP Pavilion N5511L HP Pavilion N5584 HP Pavilion N6000 series
HP Pavilion N6100 HP Pavilion N6195 HP Pavilion XH series HP Pavilion XH156
HP Pavilion XH176 HP Pavilion XH226 HP Pavilion XH260 HP Pavilion XH35
HP Pavilion XH365 HP Pavilion XH395 HP Pavilion XH455 HP Pavilion XH485
HP Pavilion XH555 HP Pavilion XH675 HP Pavilion XZ series HP Pavilion XZ185
HP Pavilion XZ275 HP Pavilion XZ295 HP Pavilion XZ355 HP Pavilion ZE4210
HP Pavilion ZE4240 HP Pavilion XT series HP Pavilion XT118 HP Pavilion XT155
HP Pavilion XT236 HP Pavilion ZT1114 HP Pavilion ZT1121s HP Pavilion ZT1125
HP Pavilion ZT1130 HP Pavilion ZT1131s HP Pavilion ZT1135 HP Pavilion ZT1141
HP Pavilion ZT1145 HP Pavilion ZT1150 HP Pavilion ZT1151 HP Pavilion ZT1152
HP Pavilion ZT1155 HP Pavilion ZT1161 HP Pavilion ZT1162 HP Pavilion ZT1170
HP Pavilion ZT1171 HP Pavilion ZT1175 HP Pavilion ZT1180 HP Pavilion ZT1185
HP Pavilion ZT1190 HP Pavilion ZT1195 HP Pavilion ZT1201 HP Pavilion ZT1250
HP Pavilion ZT1260 HP Pavilion ZT1290 Compaq Armada 2940 Evo N105
Evo N115 Evo N160 Evo N180 Presario 1000
Presario 1010 Presario 1020 Presario 1030 Presario 1040
Presario 1050 Presario 1060 Presario 1065 Presario 1070
Presario 1075 Presario 1080 Presario 1081 Presario 1090
Presario 1090ES Presario 1200 Presario 1200T Presario 1200US
Presario 1200XL Presario 1200XL101 Presario 1200XL102 Presario 1200XL103
Presario 1200XL104 Presario 1200XL105 Presario 1200XL106 Presario 1200XL109
Presario 1200XL110 Presario 1200XL111 Presario 1200XL118 Presario 1200XL119
Presario 1200XL125 Presario 1200XL126 Presario 1200XL127 Presario 1200XL3
Presario 1200XL300 Presario 1200XL325 Presario 1200XL401 Presario 1200XL404
Presario 1200XL406 Presario 1200XL408 Presario 1200XL409 Presario 1200XL420
Presario 1200XL423 Presario 1200XL500 Presario 1200XL505 Presario 1200XL510
Presario 1200XL515 Presario 1200XL526 Presario 1201AP Presario 1201Z
Presario 1207 Presario 1210 Presario 1214 Presario 1214SR
Presario 1215 Presario 1216 Presario 1220 Presario 1221
Presario 1230 Presario 1232 Presario 1234 Presario 1235
Presario 1236 Presario 1237 Presario 1240 Presario 1242
Presario 1244 Presario 1245 Presario 1246 Presario 1247
Presario 1250 Presario 1255 Presario 1256 Presario 1260
Presario 1262 Presario 1266 Presario 1267 Presario 1270
Presario 1272 Presario 1273 Presario 1274 Presario 1275
Presario 1277 Presario 1278 Presario 1279 Presario 1280
Presario 12XL Presario 12XL series Presario 12XL115 Presario 12XL125
Presario 12XL300 Presario 12XL310 Presario 12XL325 Presario 12XL326
Presario 12XL327 Presario 12XL4 Presario 12XL400 Presario 12XL401
Presario 12XL405 Presario 12XL410 Presario 12XL420 Presario 12XL426
Presario 12XL427 Presario 12XL430 Presario 12XL500 Presario 12XL505
Presario 12XL510 Presario 1400 Presario 1400 series Presario 1400T
Presario 1456 Presario 14XL series Presario 14XL240 Presario 14XL245
Presario 14XL340 Presario 14XL345 Presario 1600 Presario 1600XL145
Presario 1610 Presario 1611 Presario 1615 Presario 1620
Presario 1621 Presario 1622 Presario 1625 Presario 1626
Presario 1630 Presario 1635 Presario 1640 Presario 1650
Presario 1655 Presario 1665 Presario 1670 Presario 1672
Presario 1675 Presario 1680 Presario 1681 Presario 1682
Presario 1685 Presario 1687 Presario 1688 Presario 1690
Presario 1692 Presario 1693 Presario 1694 Presario 1700
Presario 1700T Presario 1700XL573 Presario 1710 (new version) Presario 1710LA
Presario 1710SB (new version) Presario 1714EA Presario 1720US Presario 17XL series
Presario 17XL265 Presario 17XL275 Presario 17XL360 Presario 17XL362
Presario 17XL365 Presario 17XL375 Presario 17XL460 Presario 17XL465
Presario 17XL475 Presario 17XL570 Presario 1800 Presario 1800T
Presario 1800T-800 Presario 1800T-850 Presario 1800XL Presario 1800XL190
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Presario 711cl Presario 715 Presario 721CL Presario 723RSH
Presario 725 Presario 725US Presario 800 Presario 800 series
Presario 800XL Presario 80XL550

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