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SAMSUNG Laptop Battery BND-X60  Laptop Battery

Model No: X60
Vottage: 11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Weight: 443g
Color: black
Part No:
Replacement For:
M60 Aura T5450 Chartiz M60 Aura T7500 Cruza NP-P50 NP-P60
NP-R40 NP-R40 Plus NP-R45 NP-R65
NP-X60 P50 Pro P50 Pro T2400 Tytahn P50 Pro T2600 Tygah
P50 Pro T5500 Tahlia P50 Pro T5500 Teygun P50 Pro T7200 Torrin P50 T2400 Tytahn
P50 T2600 Tygah P50-00 P50-C003 P50-C004
P50-CV03 P50-CV04 P60 Pro P60 Pro T2600 Taspra
P60 P60 T2600 Taspra P60-01 P60-C003
P60-CV01 P60-CV03 R39 R39-DY04
R39-DY06 R40 R40 XIC 2050 R40 XIP 2050
R40 XIP 2055 R40 XIP 2250 R40 XIP 2255 R40 XIP 5500
R40 XIP 5510 R40-EL1 R40-K003 R40-K005
R40-K006 R40-K007 R40-K008 R40-K009
R40-K00A R40-K00D R40-K00E R40-K00F
R40-T2300 R40-T2300 Caosee R410-XA01 R410-XA02
R45 Pro 1730 Bizzlay R45 Pro C1600 Buliena R45 Pro R45 Pro T5500 Bernie
R45 R45-1730 Cutama R45-C1500 Cerona R45-K0
R45-K004 R45-K005 R45-K006 R45-K007
R45-K00D R45-K02 R60 Aura T2130 Daliwa R60 Aura T2330 Deesan
R60 Aura T2330 Diazz R60 Aura T5250 Danica R60 Aura T5250 Deeloy R60 Aura T5250 Deven
R60 Aura T5250 Donna R60 Aura T5450 Darlis R60 Aura T5450 Davu R60 Aura T7250 Divial
R60 R60FY01 R60plus R65 Pro
R65 Pro T5500 Baonee R65 Pro T5500 Boteez R65 R65 WEP 2300
R65 WEP 5500 R65 WIP 2300 R65 WIP 5500 R65-CV01
R65-CV03 R65-CV04 R65-CV05 R65-T2300 Biton
R65-T2300 Calix R65-T2300 Carrew R65-T2300 Charis R65-T5500 Canspiro
R65-TV01 R65-TV02 R70 Aura T5250 Daryus R70 Aura T5250 Doroso
R70 Aura T5250 Dosan R70 Aura T5550 Diliaz R70 Aura T7250 Diness R70 Aura T7300 Despina
R70 Aura T7500 Damaya R70 Aura T7500 Denet R70 R700 Aura T8100 Deager
R700 Aura T9300 Dillen X60 Plus X60 Plus TZ01 X60 Plus TZ03
X60 Pro X60 Pro T2600 Becudo X60 Pro T7200 Benito X60 Pro T7400 Boxxer
X60 X60 T2600 Becudo X60 XEP 2310 X60 XEP 2400
X60 XIH 2300 X60-CV01 X60-CV03 X60-CV06
X60-CV08 X60-T2300 Chane X60-TV01 X60-TV02
X65 Pro X65 Pro T7500 Begum X65 X65 XEV 7300
X65-A003 Q210-AS04 Q210-AS05 Q210-AS07
Q210-BSS1 Q310-AS05 Q310-XA03 Q310-AS06
Q310-AA01 R453-DS03 R453-DS04 R453-DS05
R458-DS07 R R458-DS02 R458-DS0Z R458-DS0F
R458-DS0M R458-DSOS R460-BS01 R460-AS05
R460-AS06 R460-AS07 R503-DS06
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