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LENOVO Laptop Battery B40  Laptop Battery

Model No: B40
Vottage: 14.4V
Capacity: 2200/2600mAh
Weight: OG
Color: Black
Part No:
L12M4E55 L12L4E55(4ICR19/66) L12S4E55(4ICR18/65) L13M4A01
L13L4A01 L13S4A01 121500191 121500192
121500242 121500243 121500244 FRU 45N1185
ASM 45N1184 ASM 45N1186 FRU 45N1187 ASM 45N1182
FRU 45N1183
Replacement For:
Lenovo B40 B40-30 B40-45 B40-70
B40-80 B50 B50-30 B50-30 Touch
Lenovo B50-45 B50-70 B50-80 B50-80/CA
B50-80EW Eraser B40 Eraser B40-30 Eraser B40-45
Eraser B40-70 Eraser B50 Eraser B50-30 Eraser B50-30 Touch
Eraser B50-45 Eraser B50-70 Eraser M4400 Eraser M4400A
Eraser M4450 Eraser M4450A Eraser N40 Eraser N40-30
Eraser N40-45 Eraser N40-70 Eraser N50 Eraser N50-30
Eraser N50-45 Eraser N50-70 IdeaPad B40 IdeaPad B40-30
IdeaPad B40-45 IdeaPad B40-70 IdeaPad B50 IdeaPad B50-30
IdeaPad B50-30 Touch IdeaPad B50-45 IdeaPad B50-70 IdeaPad M4400
IdeaPad M4400A IdeaPad M4450 IdeaPad M4450A IdeaPad N40
IdeaPad N40-30 IdeaPad N40-45 IdeaPad N40-70 IdeaPad N50
IdeaPad N50-30 IdeaPad N50-45 IdeaPad N50-70 IdeaPad B51
IdeaPad B51-30 IdeaPad B51-35 E1-7010 IdeaPad B51-35 E1-7010 IdeaPad V4400
IdeaPad V4400A M4400 M4400A M4450
M4450A N40 N40-30 N40-45
N40-70 N50 N50-30 N50-45
N50-70 V4400 V4400A G550S
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