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IBM Laptop Battery BND-AC500  Laptop Battery

Brand: IBM
Model No: AC500
Vottage: 9.6V
Capacity: 4000mAh
Weight: 480g
Color: Black
Part No:
ACER 60.45B04.011 ACER 91.45B28.001 ACER BTP-1731 ACER BTP-1831
IBM 02K6524 IBM 02K6525 IBM 02K6563 IBM FRU 02K6526
Replacement For:
ACER Extensa 500 ACER Extensa 500DX ACER Extensa 501 ACER Extensa 501DX
ACER Extensa 501T ACER Extensa 502 ACER Extensa 502D ACER Extensa 502DX
ACER Extensa 502T ACER Extensa 503 ACER Extensa 503DX ACER Extensa 503T
ACER Extensa 505 ACER Extensa 505DX ACER Extensa 506DX ACER Extensa 507
ACER Extensa 508 ACER TravelMate 500 ACER TravelMate 505 ACER TravelMate 505DX
ACER TravelMate 506 ACER TravelMate 506DX ACER TravelMate 506T ACER TravelMate 507
ACER TravelMate 507DX ACER TravelMate 507T ACER TravelMate 508 ACER TravelMate 508T
IBM ThinkPad i1410 IBM ThinkPad i1411 IBM ThinkPad i1416 IBM ThinkPad i1417
IBM ThinkPad i1418 IBM ThinkPad i1434 IBM ThinkPad i1435 IBM ThinkPad i1436
IBM ThinkPad i1450 IBM ThinkPad i1451 IBM ThinkPad i1454 IBM ThinkPad i1512
IBM ThinkPad i1522
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