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HP/COMPAQ Laptop Battery B3800  Laptop Battery

Model No: B3800
Vottage: 11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Weight: 320g
Color: Black
Part No:
375942-001 375974-001 APBT01A APBT01B
APBT01C HSTNN-A10C M62044L W62144L
Replacement For:
Compaq Presario B3000 Series Compaq Presario B3800 Series Presario B3800 CTO Presario B3801
Presario B3801AP Presario B3802 Presario B3802AP Presario B3803
Presario B3803AP Presario B3804 Presario B3804AP Presario B3805
Presario B3805AP Presario B3806 Presario B3806AP Presario B3807
Presario B3807AP Presario B3808 Presario B3808AP Presario B3809
Presario B3809AP Presario B3810 Presario B3810AP Presario B3811
Presario B3811AP Presario B3812 Presario B3812AP Presario B3813
Presario B3813AP Presario B3814 Presario B3814AP Presario B3815
Presario B3815AP Presario B3816 Presario B3816AP Presario B3817
Presario B3817AP Presario B3818 Presario B3818AP Presario B3819
Presario B3819AP Presario B3820 Presario B3820AP Presario B3821
Presario B3821AP Presario B3822 Presario B3822AP Presario B3823
Presario B3823AP Presario B3824 Presario B3824AP Presario B3825
Presario B3825AP Presario B3826 Presario B3826AP Presario B3827
Presario B3827AP Presario B3828 Presario B3828AP Presario B3829
Presario B3829AP
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