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FUJITSU/Uniwill Laptop Battery BND-UN255  Laptop Battery

Brand: FUJITSU/Uniwill
Model No: UN255
Vottage: 10.8V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Weight: 333g
Color: black
Part No:
23-UGF10-0A 255-3S4400F1P1 255-3S4400-F1P1 255-3S4400G1L1
255-3S4400-G1L1 3S4400-S1S1-02 7025340000 7027210000
FSP:805N00031 UWL:23-UG5A1F-3A UWL:23-UG5AF-3C UWL:23-UG5C1F-0A
Replacement For:
Amilo A-1640 A-7640 M-1405 M-1424
M1425 M1425(B) M7405 M7425 series
FUJITSU-SIEMENS:Amilo A1640 A1645 A7640 Amilo M1405
M1424 M1425 M1425(B) Amilo M1437
M1439 Amilo M7405 M7425 Amilo Pro V2020
V300 Amilo M1450 M1451 M1450G
M1451G M1437G GERICOM:BlockBuster Excellent 1340 1480
3000 5000 7000MAXDATA:Eco 4000 4000A
4000I 4500 4500A 4500I
4500IW Imperio 4000 4000A 4500
4500A UNIWILL N245 N255 N259
Uniwill 245EI2 Uniwill 245II0 Uniwill 245TI0 Uniwill 245TI2
Uniwill 255ELx Uniwill 255EN Uniwill 255ENx Uniwill 255II3
Uniwill 255IIx Uniwill 255KI3 Uniwill 255TI2 Uniwill 255TI3
Uniwill 259EI Uniwill 259EI1 Uniwill 259EI3 Uniwill 259ELx
Uniwill 259EN Uniwill 259EN3 Uniwill 259ENx Uniwill 259IA0
Uniwill 259IA1 Uniwill 259IA2 Uniwill 259IA3 Uniwill 259IA7
Uniwill 259II0 Uniwill 259II1 Uniwill 259KI2 Uniwill 259ki3
Uniwill 259ki8 Uniwill 259ti2 Uniwill N245II0 Uniwill N245TI0
Uniwill N245TI2 Uniwill N255 Uniwill N255ELx Uniwill N255EN
Uniwill N255ENx Uniwill N255II3 Uniwill N255IIx Uniwill N255TI2
Uniwill N255TI3 Uniwill N259EI Uniwill N259EI3 Uniwill N259ELx
Uniwill N259EN Uniwill N259EN3 Uniwill N259ENx Uniwill N259IA0
Uniwill N259IA1 Uniwill N259IA2 Uniwill N259IA3 Uniwill N259IA7
Uniwill N259II0 Uniwill N259II1 Uniwill N259KI2 Uniwill N259ki3
Uniwill N259ki8 Uniwill N259ti2 Packard bell Easy note D5710 PM710
D5 series WINBOOK V300 serie
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