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FUJITSU/Uniwill Laptop Battery B4K8  Laptop Battery

Brand: FUJITSU/Uniwill
Model No: B4K8
Vottage: 11.1V
Capacity: 4400mAh
Color: Black
Part No:
BTP-BAK8 BTP-B4K8 BTP-B5K8 BTP-B7K8(60.4P311.041)
BTP-B7K8(60.4U50T.011) BTP-B8K8(60.4P311.051) BTP-B8K8(60.4P50T.011) BTP-B7K8
BTP-C2L8 BTP-C3K8 BTP-C4K8 60.4P311.001
60.4B90T.061 60.4P311.041 60.4U50T.011 60.4P311.051
60.4P50T.011 60.4V70T.011 60.4V70T.031 S26393-E005-V161-02-0746
S26393-E005-V161-01-0746 S26391-F400-L400 MS2191 MS2192
MS2216 MS2228 MS2238 MS2239
Replacement For:
MedionAkoya E5211 E5214 E5218 Series MD97132
MD97148 MD97296 Series MD96544 MD97680
MD98120 Series Fujitsu Pro Amilo V3405 Series Fujitsu Pro Amilo V3505 Series Fujitsu Pro Amilo V3525 Series
Fujitsu Pro Amilo V3545 Series Fujitsu Pro Amilo V8210 Series Fujitsu Amilo Li1718 Series Fujitsu Amilo Li1720 Series
Fujitsu Amilo Li2727 Series Fujitsu Amilo Li2732 Series Fujitsu Amilo Li2735 Series Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5505 Series
Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V5545 Series Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V6505 Series Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V6535 Series Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V6545 Series
Fujitsu-Siemens Esprimo Mobile V6555 Series Fujitsu Esprimo Mobile V5545 Series
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