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APPLE Laptop Battery A1322  Laptop Battery

Brand: APPLE
Model No: A1322
Vottage: 10.95V
Capacity: 63.5Wh/5800mAh
Color: Black
Part No:
A1322 A1278 661-5229 661-5557
020-6547-A 020-6765-A
Replacement For:
MacBook Pro 13" A1278 (2009 Version) MacBook Pro 13" MB990*/A MacBook Pro 13" MB990CH/A MacBook Pro 13" MB990J/A
MacBook Pro 13" MB990LL/A MacBook Pro 13" MB990TA/A MacBook Pro 13" MB990ZP/A MacBook Pro 13" MB991*/A
MacBook Pro 13" MB991CH/A MacBook Pro 13" MB991J/A MacBook Pro 13" MB991LL/A MacBook Pro 13" MB991TA/A
MacBook Pro 13" MB991ZP/A MacBook Pro 13" Precision Aluminum Unibody (2009 Version) Apple MacBook Pro 13" Series MB990*/A
MB990CH/A MB990J/A MB990LL/A MB990TA/A
MB990ZP/A MB991*/A MB991CH/A MB991J/A
MB991LL/A MB991TA/A MB991ZP/A MC700
MC700B/A MC700E/A MC700J/A MC700LL/A
MC700TA/A MC700X/A MC700ZP/A MC724
MC724B/A MC724E/A MC724J/A MC724LL/A
MC724TA/A MC724X/A MC724ZP/A MD313LL/A
MacBook Pro 13-inch 2009 Version MB990LL/A A1278 MacBookPro5.5-Mid 2009 version MB991LL/A
A1278 MacBookPro5.5-Mid 2009 version MacBook Pro 13-inch 2010 Version MC374LL/A A1278 MacBookPro7.1-Mid 2010 version
MC375LL/A A1278 MacBookPro7.1-Mid 2010 version MacBook Pro 13-inch 2011 Version MC700LL/A
MC724LL/A MacBookPro8.1-Early 2011 version MD314LL/A MD313LL/A
MacBookPro8.1-Late 2011 version MacBook Pro 13-inch 2012 Version MD101LL/A MD102LL/A
MacBookPro9.2-Mid 2012 version
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