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ADVENT Laptop Battery G550  Laptop Battery

Model No: G550
Vottage: 14.8V
Capacity: 3600mAh
Color: Silver
Part No:
EM-520C1 EM-520P4G EM520P4G LT-BA-GN551
NBP-8B01 PA-WH-099
Replacement For:
Advent 6000 Advent 7061M Advent 7063M Advent 7072
Advent 7078 Alphatop G550 Alphatop G553 Alphatop G556
Alphatop G556e Alphatop Green 551 Alphatop Green 555 Alphatop Green 553
Alphatop Green 556 California Access G553 Manta Chiligreen Mobilitas CT C5-G553 Chiligreen Mobilitas CT C5-G556
Ecs A530 Series ECS A530 ECS A531 ECS A532
ECS A535 ECS A535+ ECS G553 ECS G556
ECS G556e Ecs Green A550 Series ECS Green 553 ECS Green 556
ECS Green 556e ECS Green G553 ECS Green G556 ECS Green G556e
Ecs i-Buddie A530 Series ECS i-Buddie A530 ECS i-Buddie A531 ECS i-Buddie A532
ECS i-Buddie A535 ECS i-Buddie A535+ Excel SlimNote G553 Excel SlimNote G556
Gericom Blockbuster Mobile Gericom G556 Gericom Overdose 1440e Gericom Overdose Radeon 9700
Patriot 3030 Powernet G553 Super Talent DM-G553-B Super Talent DM-G556-B
Super Talent DM-G556e-B Super Talent G553 Super Talent G556 Super Talent G556e
Vikings Voyage G553-M Vikings Voyage G556-M Winbook X4 Series-silver color Yakumo EG553
Yakumo Mobilium II BENQ A530 BENQ A531 BENQ A532
BENQ A535 BENQ A535+ BENQ G550 BENQ G551
BENQ G552 BENQ Green 550
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