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Now we have over 1200 models laptop battery, and over 15 new models will be released every month !
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China Laptop Battery, Power Tool Battery and AC Adapter Manufacturer BNDPower export laptop batteries and AC adapters to all over the world
Important Event: 2013   Current News:
10/2013 HongKong International Electronic Exhibition  
BNDPower fair
2011 Asia Sourcing Fair (2011/10/24)
2010 Asia Sourcing Fair (2010/10/24)
BNDPower strengthen R&D of new prod (2009/6/20)
2009 Exhibition information (2009/2/10)
Studying hot ignited by the R&D Dep (2008/11/30)

Laptop Battery Series:


Laptop Battery OEM & ODM:

laptop batteries manufacturer,notebook batteries supplier
BNDPower has over 1000 models of laptop batteries including most of the battery models for the famous brands laptop over the world,such as Sony,IBM,Lenovo,Acer,Dell,HP,Compaq...
laptop batteries manufacturer,notebook batteries OEM&ODM
What you need? BNDPower technology can satisfy you!
We have the ability to provide the laptop battery solution for your laptops and OEM&ODM for your special laptop batteries.

Laptop AC Adapter Series:


Tablet & Smartphone Power Bank Series:

laptop AC adapter manufacturer,notebook adapters supplier
We provide the solutions for all of the laptop AC adapters
including the Universal AC Adapters.
Power bank manufacturer
Over 20 models portable Power Bank, from 2600mAh ~30000mAh, For laptops, Tablet PC, Smartphones and etc.

 Vehicle Power Battery Series:


Power Tool Battery Series:

Car Jump Starter Power bank manufacturer
Car Jump Starter Power Battery Series
Power Tool Battery Series. Home Vacuum Cleaner Battery Series

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