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MILWAUKEE Power Tool Battery Charger MIL1418V01 Power Tool Battery Charger

Model No: MIL1418V01
Output: 14.4V,18V/3.0A
Type For: Li-ion
Color: Red
  Input: AC 120~230V/2.1A
Fit For: 14.4V,18V Li-ion battery
Part No:
48-59-1812 48-11-1815 48-11-1820 48-11-1828
48-11-1840 48-11-1850 MIL-M18-CH01 48-59-1812
M12 M12-18C M12-18FC M12B
M12BX M12B2 M12B4 M18
M18B M18BX M18B2 M18B4
Compatible For:
Milwaukee 18V Drills Milwaukee M18BH-402C Milwaukee M18 XC M18B4 Milwaukee M18 fuel 18V brushless impact driver kit
Milwaukee 18V Compact Percussion Drill Impact Driver Milwaukee C18PD Upgrade M18BPD Impact Driver Milwaukee C18ID Impact Driver Milwaukee C18RAD-31 Compact Cordless Right Angle Drill
Milwaukee HD18HIWF M18 HD18 Fuel Impact Wrench 18V Milwaukee M18 BIW38 18V Compact 3/8in Impact Wrench Milwaukee M18BH-0 18V Compact SDS Hammer Drill Milwaukee M18CID-202C 18V FUEL Brushless Impact Drill Kit
Milwaukee HD18PP2A 18V Combi Drill Milwaukee 2602-20 Cordless Hammer Drill /Driver Milwaukee M18 2603-20 1/2" Cordless Drill/Driver Fuel Brushless Milwaukee 18V saw
Milwaukee 0880-20 Milwaukee 2601 Milwaukee 2601-22 Milwaukee 2610
Milwaukee 2611 Milwaukee 2611-84 Milwaukee 2620 Milwaukee 2620-20
Milwaukee 2630 Milwaukee 2630-20 Milwaukee 2630-22 Milwaukee 2650
Milwaukee 2650-20 Milwaukee 2650-21 Milwaukee 2650-22 Milwaukee 49-24-0171
Milwaukee C12-28 DCR Milwaukee M18
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