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IBM Laptop Ac Adapter 90W-IB04   Laptop  AC Adapter

Brand: IBM
Model No: 90W-IB04
Spec: IB 19V-4.2A(5.5*2.5)
Replacement For:
02K6753 SA80T-3115 AD-8019 02K6699
02k6753 08K8204 08K8205 02K6657
02K6673/02K6661 02K6555 02K6749 02K6756
02K6677 02K6665 02K6750/02K6757 08K8209
02K6746 02K6753
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Thinkpad T40 Thinkpad T40P Thinkpad T41 Thinkpad T41P
Thinkpad T42 Thinkpad T42P Thinkpad T43 Thinkpad T43P
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