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HP/COMPAQ Laptop Ac Adapter 90W-CP08   Laptop  AC Adapter

Model No: 90W-CP08
Spec: CPQ 19V-4.8A(5.5*2.5)
Replacement For:
324815-001 324815-002 325112-001 F5104A
DC895B F4813A 324816-001 324816-002
324816-003 25112-001
Compaq Presario Notebooks 2100 Series: 2175EA 2100AP 2100CA 2100CA 2100LA
2100US 2100US 2100US CTO AMD 2100US CTO INT
2101AP 2101US 2101US 2102AP
2102EA 2102US 2102US 2103AP
2103EA 2104AP 2105AP 2105CA
2105CA 2105EA 2105LA 2105US
2105US 2106AP 2106EA 2106US
2106US 2107AP 2107EA 2108EA
2109EA 2110AP 2110CA 2110CA
2110EA 2110LA 2110US 2110US
2111AP 2111EA 2112AP 2112EA
2113AP 2114AP 2114EA 2115AP
2115EA 2116AP 2117AP 2117EA
2118AD 2118EA 2118EA 2119AD
2119EA 2120AD 2120AP 2120EA
2120LA 2120US 2122AD 2123AD
2123AP 2124AD 2124AP 2125AC
2125AD 2125AP 2125EA 2126AC
2126AD 2126EA 2127AC 2127AD
2127EA 2127EA 2128AC 2128AD
2128EA 2129AD 2129EA 2130AC
2130AD 2130AP 2130EA 2131AC
2131AD 2131EA 2132AC 2132RS
2132RS 2133AC 2133AD 2133AP
2133EA 2134AD 2134EA 2135AC
2135AD 2135AP 2135CA 2135EA
2135US 2135US 2136AC 2136AD
2136EA 2136RSH 2136RSH 2137AC
2137AD 2137EA 2138AC 2138AD
2138EA 2139AC 2139AD 2140AC
2140AD 2140AP 2140CA 2140US
2140US 2141AC 2141AC 2141AD
2141EA 2142EA 2143AD 2143AP
2144AD 2144EA 2145AD 2145AP
2145CA 2145EA 2145US 2145US
2146AD 2146EA 2147AD 2147EA
2148AD 2148EA 2149AD 2149EA
2150AP 2150US 2150US 2151AD
2151EA 2152EA 2153AP 2154AP
2154EA 2155AP 2155EA 2155US
2155US 2156AP 2156EA 2157AP
2158AP 2158EA 2160EA 2160US
2161EA 2162EA 2163EA 2164EA
2165EA 2166EA 2167EA 2169EA
2170US 2172EA 2173EA 2175EA Compaq Presario2500 Series: 2500AP
2500LA 2500AP 2510AP 2510EA
2510LA 2511EA 2512EA 2515AP
2515EA 2516EA 2520AP 2520EA
2521EA 2525AP 2525CA 2525EA 2525US
2526EA 2528CL 2530AP 2535AP
2535QV 2538CL 2540 2540AP 2545AP
2545US 2550AP 2555AP 2555US 2560AP
2565AP 2575US DC944AV DA733AV
DA734AV DC606A DC607A DC720A DC721A
DC755A DC609A DC817A DC754A
DC717A DC730A DC731A DC718A DC732A
DC733A DC722A DC715AR DC715A
DC734A K561A DC728A DK560A
DK558A DK559A 2580US 2585US Compaq Business Notebook: n1050v DC749A
DC750A DC751A DJ105S DJ106S
DC767T DC768T DC769T DC770T
DD152T DD153T DD154S DE236S
DE237S DJ156S HP Compaq Business Notebook: nx9000 DF981A DF982A DF984A
DF985A DF986A DF987A DG211A
DG212A DG213A DG214A DG223T
DG224T DG225T DG672A DG673A
DG674A DG675A DG676A DG677A
DG678A DG679A DG856A DG857A
DG862A DG863A DG864A DG865A
DG866A DG868A DG869A DG870A
DG871A DG872A DG873A DG874A
DG875A DG876A DG877A DG878A
DG879A DG880A DG881A DG882A
DG883A DG884A DG885A DJ131S
DJ144S DJ150S DJ158S DJ160S
DJ166S DJ167S DJ168S DJ170S
DJ171S DJ174S DK452A DK453A
DK787A DK788A DK789A DK790A
DK938A DK939A DL015P DL016P
DL040P DL198P DL199P DL212P
DL930A DL932A DL933A DL934A
DL935A DM307P DM308P DM309P
DM310P DM311P DM316P DM317P
DM318P DM325P DM556A DM643A HP Pavilion ZE4000 - ZE5700 Series: ZE4000
ZE4100 ZE4115 ZE4125 ZE4145
ZE4200 ZE4201 ZE4202 ZE4202S
ZE4204 ZE4204S ZE4205 ZE4206
ZE4206S ZE4207 ZE4208 ZE4208S
ZE4209 ZE4210 ZE4211 ZE4212S
ZE4214 ZE4214S ZE4215 ZE4217
ZE4218 ZE4219 ZE4220 ZE4221
ZE4222 ZE4224 ZE4228 ZE4229
ZE4230 ZE4231 ZE4232 ZE4232S
ZE4234 ZE4234S ZE4236 ZE4239
ZE4240 ZE4241 ZE4251 ZE4258
ZE4261 ZE4262 ZE4268 ZE4271
ZE4274 ZE4274S ZE4278 ZE4281
ZE4282 ZE4282S ZE4284 ZE4288
ZE4292 ZE4294 ZE4298 ZE4300
ZE4301 ZE4302 ZE4305 ZE4305EA
ZE4306 ZE4306WM ZE4307 ZE4308
ZE4310 ZE4310EA ZE4311 ZE4312
ZE4313 ZE4314 ZE4314EA ZE4315
ZE4315CA ZE4315US ZE4316 ZE4317
ZE4318 ZE4318US ZE4319 ZE4320
ZE4321 ZE4325 ZE4325CA ZE4325US
ZE4326 ZE4328 ZE4328US ZE4332
ZE4333 ZE4334 ZE4335 ZE4335CA
ZE4335US ZE4336 ZE4355 ZE4355US
ZE4356 ZE4537 ZE4358 ZE4358US
ZE4360 ZE4365 ZE4365US ZE4367
ZE4400 ZE4400 ZE4401 ZE4401US
ZE4402 ZE4402US ZE4403 ZE4404
ZE4410 ZE4410CA ZE4417EA ZE4420
ZE4420CA ZE4420US ZE4422 ZE4423
ZE4430 ZE4430US ZE4453 ZE4454
ZE4455 ZE4455EA ZE4500 ZE4501
ZE4501US ZE4502 ZE4502US ZE4504
ZE4505 ZE4507 ZE4508 ZE4509
ZE4510 ZE4525 ZE4525US ZE4526
ZE4530 ZE4530US ZE4540 ZE4540CA
ZE4540US ZE4545 ZE4545US ZE4546
ZE4547 ZE4550 ZE4560 ZE4560US
ZE4600 ZE4601 ZE4601US ZE4602
ZE4602US ZE4603 ZE4604 ZE4604US
ZE4605 ZE4605US ZE4620 ZE4620US
ZE4624 ZE4624US ZE4630 ZE4630US
ZE4640 ZE4640US ZE5000 ZE5000
ZE5155 ZE5170 ZE5185 ZE5185
ZE5200 ZE5279 ZE5300 ZE5360
ZE5362 ZE5365 ZE5365US ZE5367
ZE5367US ZE5375 ZE5375US ZE5385
ZE5385US ZE5395 ZE5395US ZE5400
ZE5407 ZE5410 ZE5413 ZE5415
ZE5450 ZE5451 ZE5451US ZE5457
ZE5460 ZE5460US ZE5462 ZE5467
ZE5468 ZE5468CL ZE5470 ZE5470US
ZE5475 ZE5475CA ZE5478 ZE5478CL
ZE5490 ZE5490US ZE5497 ZE5500
ZE5501 ZE5501US ZE5504 ZE5505
ZE5506 ZE5507 ZE5560 ZE5560US
ZE5565 ZE5565QV ZE5568 ZE5568CL
ZE5570 ZE5570US ZE5575 ZE5580
ZE5580US ZE5587 ZE5590 ZE5590US
ZE5600 ZE5602 ZE5602US ZE5603
ZE5603US ZE5604 ZE5605 ZE5607WM
ZE5607WM ZE5610 ZE5610CA ZE5615
ZE5615CA ZE5617 ZE5617WM ZE5618
ZE5618CL ZE5730 ZE5730US ZE5731
ZE5731US ZE5732 HP Compaq Business Notebook: nx9005 DF988A DF989A DF990A
DF992A DF993A DF994A DG194A
DG195A DG196A DG200A DG201A
DG202A DG203A DG220T DG221T
DG222T HP Compaq Business Notebook: nx9010 DG072A DG073A DG074A DG075A
DG076A DG077A DG078A DG231A
DG232A DG233A DG234A DG235A
DG236A DG237A DG238A DG239A
DG240T DG241T DG242T DG243T
DG638A DG639A DG640A DG641A
DG642A DG643A DG644A DG645A
DG646A DG647A DG887A DG890A
DG891A DG893A DG895A DG897A
DG900A DG901A DG902A DG903A
DG904A DG905A DG906A DG907A
DG908A DG909A DG910A DG911A
DH902A DH903A DJ123A DJ123T
DJ124A DJ124T DJ157S DJ162A
DJ162T DJ172S DK444A DK445A
DK770A DK771A DK772A DK940A
DL039P DL141A DL438A DL800A
DL801A DL802A DL803A HP Pavilion N3000 - N5000 series: N3000 N3100
N3150 N3250 (N3290/5) N3310
N3330 N3350 N3370 N3390
N3410 N5000 N5000 N5100
N5100 N5125 N5130 N5150
(N5190/5) N5200 N5200 N5210
N5270 (N5290/5) N5300 N5300
N5340 N5350 N5380 (N5390/5)
N5400 N5511L N5584 HP Pavilion ZE1000 / XT / ZT Series: ZE1200 ZE1201
ZE1202 ZE1210 ZE1230 ZE1250
ZE1260 XT276 XT375 XT412
XT4345QV XT5366WM XT537QV XT545
XT5477WM XT595 ZT1000 HP Pavilion Notebook XT276 DA731AV
DA732AV DC603AR DC603A XT4345QV
DC978AR DC978A DF835AR DF835A
XT537QV DF861AR DF861A DC966AR
DC966A DK941AR DK941A XT5477WM DK570AR
DK570A XT595 DE862AR DE862A
DB397A DC672AR DC672A DE861AR
DE861A DC753AR DC753A DE863AR

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