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ACER Laptop Ac Adapter 150W-AC10   Laptop  AC Adapter

Brand: ACER
Model No: 150W-AC10
Spec: AC 19V-7.9A(4PIN )
Replacement For:
Liteon Part #: PA-1151-03MS Replace Part #: 6500773 6500774 90-N7FPW3001 90-N7FPW3011
90-N7PPW1000 90-N7PPW1010 AD-18001-001 ADP-150CB
ADP-150CB B ADP-150CB BC AP.18001.001 AP.18003.001
AP.A0801.001 FSP150-1ADE11 PA-1181-08QA PY.15009.001
Aspire AS1700 AS1800 (S) Acer Aspire 1700 Series Covers Aspire Models 1700
1702 1702SC 1703 1703ESC
1703ESM 1703SC 1703SCMe 1703SM
1705 1705SCi 1705SMi Acer Aspire: 1702SC 1705SCi
1703SC 1703SCM 1703SM 1705SCi_nV
1703ESC 1703SM nV 1705SMi 1703ESM_nV
1703SCME 1703ESM 1703SMi 1704SM
1704SCM 1705SCi-XPHome 1801WSCi 1802WSMi
1801WSMi 1802WSMi-XPH 1802WSMib 1804WSMi
1804WSMI-XPP CLEVO : D500 D500E D5P
D500P D510P D520P D600
D630 D630C D620 D620C
D610 D610E D620E D630E
D610C D610SU D610S D620S
D630S D700 series D800 D8P
D800P CLEVO 5600 5600D 5600DS
5600N 5600P 5800 5800N
5800P CLEVO 888E 8880 series 888es 8880 v1
8880 v2 CLEVO D87 Series Alienware Area-51 m 5600 m5600
5600D 5600P 5620 5620D
5620DS 5620N 5620P Alienware AREA-51M 5500 Series Laptop
Model 766 ViewSonic Viewbook 1500S ViewSonic Viewbook 1500P Acer Aspire 1700 Series Laptop
Prostar 5634 5600D 6174 D610SU 5614 D5P 5604 D5P
D500E Sager 8880 NP8880 8880 V1 (P4 CPU)
Sager 5600 (P4 CPU) Sager 5680 NP5680 D500P (P4 CPU)
Sager 8890 NP8890 D800P (P4 CPU) Sager 8882 NP8882
8880 V2 (P4 CPU)

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