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LENOVO Laptop Battery S3 Yoga  Laptop Battery

Model No: S3 Yoga
Vottage: 14.8V
Capacity: 3785mAh/56Wh
Weight: OG
Color: Black
Part No:
00HW001 OOHW001 SB10F46439 4ICP7/52/76
Replacement For:
LENOVO 20DMA008CD ThinkPad S3 Yoga ThinkPad S3(20AYA05SCD)
ThinkPad S5(20B0000PCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20AYA07TCD) ThinkPad S5 Yoga ThinkPad S3(20AXS00C00)
ThinkPad S5(20B0000QCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DM000ECD) ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQ002TCD) ThinkPad S3(20AXA00GCD)
ThinkPad S3 Touch(20AYS00300) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DM000RCD) ThinkPad S3(20AYA071CD) ThinkPad S3(20AX0006CD)
ThinkPad S3 Touch(20AY0036CD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DM000ACD) ThinkPad S3(20AYA07ACD) ThinkPad S3(20AX000ACD)
ThinkPad S3 Touch(20AY005FCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14 20DM003WGE ThinkPad S3(20AYA05UCD) ThinkPad S5(20B3A03BCD)
ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQA00MCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14 20DM009NGE ThinkPad S3(20AYA07FCD) ThinkPad S5(20B3S00200)
ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQ000ACD) ThinkPad S3(20AYA06UCD) ThinkPad S5(20B0001GCD) ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQA00SCD)
20DM000RCD ThinkPad S3(20AXS00E00) ThinkPad S5(20B0001FCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA01HCD)
20DMA012CD ThinkPad S3(20AXS00900) ThinkPad S5(20B0001BCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA025CD)
20DMA014CD ThinkPad S3(20AX000FCD) ThinkPad S5(20B00010CD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA06WCD)
20DM000ECD ThinkPad S3(20AY003BCD) ThinkPad S5(20B0000SCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA005CD)
ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQ002BCD) ThinkPad S3(20AX005PCD) ThinkPad S3 Touch(20AYA05ECD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA008CD)
ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQ002SCD) ThinkPad S3(20AXA00HCD) ThinkPad S3 Touch(20AYS00200) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA001CD)
ThinkPad S3(20AYA07JCD) ThinkPad S3(20AX000BCD) ThinkPad S3 Touch(20AYS00000) ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14 20DM
ThinkPad S3(20AYA079CD) ThinkPad S5(20B3A036CD) ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20B3A03LCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14 20DM008EGE
ThinkPad S3(20AYA084CD) ThinkPad S5(20B3A02XCD) ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQA00KCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14 20DM00APGE
ThinkPad S3(20AYA07UCD) ThinkPad S5(20B0001ECD) ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQA00JCD) ThinkPad S3(20AYS00A00)
ThinkPad S5(20B0S00400) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA012CD) 20DMA005CD ThinkPad S3(20AX000CCD)
ThinkPad S5(20B0001DCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DM006UCD) 20DMA000CD ThinkPad S3(20AXS00500)
ThinkPad S5(20B3A023CD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA026CD) 20DMA06WCD ThinkPad S3(20AY0035CD)
ThinkPad S5(20B0000XCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA015CD) 20DM0004CD ThinkPad S3(20AY003ECD)
ThinkPad S5(20B0S00100) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA000CD) ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQ002FCD) ThinkPad S3(20AX005RCD)
ThinkPad S3 Touch(20AYA05DCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DM0004CD) ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQ002RCD) ThinkPad S3(20AXS00B00)
ThinkPad S3 Touch(20AY0039CD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DM000CCD) ThinkPad S3(20AYA070CD) ThinkPad S3(20AX0007CD)
ThinkPad S3 Touch(20AY005HCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14 20DM003RGE ThinkPad S3(20AYA081CD) ThinkPad S5(20B3A037CD)
ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQA00PCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14 20DM009KGE ThinkPad S3(20AYA07VCD) ThinkPad S5(20B3A02WCD)
ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQA00LCD) ThinkPad S3 Yoga 14 20DM00AQGE ThinkPad S3(20AYA07GCD) ThinkPad S5(20B0001HCD)
ThinkPad S5 Yoga(20DQA00NCD) 20DM000CCD ThinkPad S3(20AXS00100) ThinkPad S5(20B0001CCD)
ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DM006SCD) 20DMA06SCD ThinkPad S3(20AX000DCD) ThinkPad S5(20B0001ACD)
ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA024CD) 20DM000ACD ThinkPad S3(20AX000ECD) ThinkPad S5(20B3A022CD)
ThinkPad S3 Yoga(20DMA014CD)
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