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HP/COMPAQ Laptop Battery HS04/HP240 G4  Laptop Battery

Model No: HS04/HP240 G4
Vottage: 14.8V
Capacity: 2200mAh
Weight: 230g
Color: Black
Part No:
HS03 HS04 HS04XL 807611-131
807611-141 807611-421 807611-831 807612-131
807612-141 807612-421 807612-831 807956-001
807957-001 HS03031-CL HS04041-CL HSTNN-LB6U
Replacement For:
HP 240 G4 Series HP 245 G4 Series HP 246 G4 Series HP 250 G4 Series
HP 255 G4 Series HP 256 G4 Series HP 340 G3 HP 346 G3
HP 348 G3 HP Notebook 14-anXXXXX 15-acXXXXX 15-afXXXXX Series
HP Notebook 14 Series HP Notebook 14g Series HP Notebook 15 Series HP Notebook 15g Series
HP Pavilion 14g Pavilion 14q Pavilion 15g Pavilion 15q
14g-ad004tx 14q-aj001TX 14q-aj002TX 14q-aj003TX
14-ac018tx (M9V45PA) 14-ac025tx (M9V87PA) 14-ac030tx (N4F49PA) 14-ac032tu (M9V37PA)
14-ac059tu (N1W35PA) 14-ac066tu (N4G16PA) 14-ac116tx (P3D46PA) 14-ac135tx (T5Q98PA)
14-ac141tu (P3D47PA) 14-ac142tu (P3D48PA) 14-af004ax (N4G28PA) 14-af103ax (P3D49PA)
14-af106au (P3D50PA) 14-af107au (P3U44PA) 15-ac000 15-ac097TU
15-ac097ur 15-ac098nia 15-ac098nx 15-ac098TU
15-ac098ur 15-ac099nia 15-ac099TU 15-ac099ur
15-ac100 15-ac100nd 15-ac100nf 15-ac100ni
15-ac100nia 15-ac198TU 15-ac198TX 15-ac199ne
15-ac199nia 15-ac199TU 15-ac199TX 15-ac199ur
15-ac500 15-ac501TU 15-ac502TU 15-ac503TU
15-ac504TU 15-ac505TU 15-ac506TU 15-ac600
15-ac600ur 15-ac601TU 15-ac601TX 15-ac602TU
15-ac602TX 15-ac603TU 15-ac603TX 15-ac604TU
15-ac604TX 15-ac605TU 15-ac606TU 15-ac607TU
15-ac608TU 15-af087nw 15-af091ng 15-af093ng
15-af100 15-af100na 15-af100nc 15-af100nf
15-af100nia 15g-ad000 15g-ad001TX 15g-ad002TX
15g-ad003TX 15g-ad004TX 15g-ad005TX 15g-ad006TX
15g-ad007TX 15g-ad100 15g-ad101TX 15g-ad102TX
15g-ad103TX 15g-ad104TX 15g-ad105TX 15g-ad106TX
15g-ad107TX 15g-ad108TX 15g-ad109TX 15g-ad110TX
15q-aj000 15q-aj001TX 15q-aj002TX 15q-aj003TX
15q-aj004TX 15q-aj005TX 15q-aj006TX 15q-aj100
15q-aj101TX 15q-aj102TX 15q-aj103TX 15q-aj104TX
15q-aj105TX 15q-aj107TX 15q-aj108TX 15q-aj109TX
15q-aj110TX 15q-aj111TX 15T-AC000 15T-AC100
15Z-AF000 17-x100 17-X100CA 17-X100CY
17-X100DS 17-X101CY 17-X101DS 17-X061NR
17-X101TX HP 15-BA Series 15-AY523TU 15-AY524TU
15-AY525TU 15-BA000 15-BA001AU 15-BA001DS
15-BA002AU 15-BA002DS 15-BA003AU 15-BA003AX
15-BA003DS 15-BA004AU 5-BA004DS 15-BA005AU
15-BA005AX 15-BA005DS 15-BA006AU 15-BA006AX
15-BA006DS 15-BA007AX 15-BA008AX 15-BA008CA
15-BA009AU 15-BA009AX 15-BA009CY 15-BA009DX
15-BA010AU 15-BA010AX 15-BA010CA 15-BA010CY
15-BA010NR 15-BA011AU 15-BA011CY 15-BA012AU
15-BA012AX 15-BA012CY 15-BA013AU 15-BA013AX
15-BA013CL 15-BA013CY 15-BA014AU 15-BA014AX
15-BA014CY 15-BA014NR 15-BA014WM 15-BA015AU
15-BA015AX 15-BA015CY 15-BA016AU 15-BA016AX
15-BA016CY 15-BA017AU 15-BA017AX 15-BA018AU
15-BA018AX 15-BA018WM 15-BA019AU 15-BA019AX
15-BA019NR 15-BA020AU 15-BA020AX 15-BA020CA
15-BA020NR 15-BA021AU 15-BA021AX 15-BA021CA
15-BA022AU 15-BA022AX 15-BA022CA 15-BA022NR
15-BA023AU 15-BA023AX 15-BA023CA 15-BA024AU
15-BA024AX 15-BA024CA 15-BA025AU 15-BA025AX
15-BA025CA 15-BA026AU 15-BA026AX 15-BA026CA
15-BA026WM 15-BA027AU 15-BA027AX 15-BA027NR
15-BA028AU 15-BA028AX 15-BA029AU 15-BA030AU
15-BA030CA 15-BA030NR 15-BA031AU 15-BA031CA
15-BA032AU 15-BA032CA 15-BA033AU 15-BA033CA
15-BA034AU 15-BA034CA 15-BA034WM 15-BA035AU
15-BA036AU 15-BA036CA 15-BA037AU 15-BA037CL
15-BA038AU 15-BA038CA 15-BA039AU 15-BA040AU
15-BA040CA 15-BA040NR 15-BA041AU 15-BA042AU
15-BA042NR 15-BA043AU 15-BA043WM 15-BA044AU
15-BA044NR 15-BA045AU 15-BA046AU 15-BA047CL
15-BA049CA 15-BA051WM 15-BA052WM 15-BA053NR
15-BA057CA 15-BA057CL 15-BA055SA 15-BA067CL
15-BA069NR 15-BA078DX 15-BA079DX 15-BA081NR
15-BA082NR 15-BA083NR 15-BA084NR 15-BA085NR
15-BA089NR 15-BA100 15-BA113CL 15-BA138CA
15-BA140CA 15-BD000 15-BD001TX 15-af000na
15-af000ne 15-af000np 15-af000ns 15-af000nv
15-af000ur 15-af001au 15-af001ax 15-af001ne
15-af001nf 15-af001nm 15-af001nq 15-af001ns
15-af001nv 15-af001ur 15-af002au 15-af002ax
15-af002ns 15-af002ur 15-af003au 15-af003ax
15-af003ne 15-af003nia 15-af003np 15-af003ns
15-af003nv 15-af003ur 15-af004au 15-af004ax
15-af004nf 15-af004ns 15-af004ur 15-af005au
15-af005ax 15-af005ne 15-af005nl 15-af005ns
15-af005nx 15-af005ur 15-af006au 15-af006ax
15-af006nc 15-af006nf 15-af006ns 15-af006ur
15-af007nc 15-af007nm 15-af007ns 15-af007nt
15-af007ur 15-af008au 15-af008ax 15-af008nc
15-af008nf 15-af008nm 15-af008ns 15-af008ur
15-af009nf 15-af009ur 15-af010au 15-af010ca
15-af010nm 15-af010nr 15-af010ur 15-af011au
15-af011ca 15-af011nf 15-af011ur 15-af012au
15-af012nr 15-af012nt 15-af012ur 15-af013au
15-af013cl 15-af013nc 15-af013nf 15-af013nt
15-af013ur 15-af014au 15-af014nc 15-af015nc
15-af015nr 15-af016ur 15-af017ca 15-af018au
15-af019nl 15-af019ur 15-af020au 15-af020ca
15-af020ur 15-af021ca 15-af021nd 15-af021ur
15-af022au 15-af022nd 15-af022ur 15-af023ng
15-af023nl 15-af024au 15-af024ng 15-af024ur
15-af025au 15-af025ur 15-af026ur 15-af027cl
15-af027ur 15-af028cl 15-af028ur 15-af029cl
15-af029ur 15-af030ca 15-af030no 15-af030nr
15-af030ur 15-af031ca 15-af031no 15-af031ur
15-af032nl 15-af032ur 15-af033nl 15-af034ur
15-af037nb 15-af037nl 15-af039ca 15-af040ca
15-af040nb 15-af093ng
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